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The Basics

 CannaLicences is a fee-based marketing and consulting company. We match buyers and sellers in a dynamic marketplace.  Additionally, we offer consulting services in a wide variety of areas as well as full real estate consulting services though our affiliate partners.  All Al-a-carte.  We will clearly detail our fees to parties prior to any transactions. 

Listing and Browsing

 We charge a monthly fee to list on our site so that listings remain fresh.  We also charge a modest fee from people seeking further information on a particular listing so that the seller has some level of assurance that the buyer is not just kicking tires and wasting time.  Just a little skin in the game. 


We also provide a full array of marketing and consulting services for cannabis businesses seeking to make and exit from the industry, or seeking to make operational efficiency improvements using industry best practices.

As well, we can provide full buy-side consulting services for those seeking to enter the market but are unsure how to navigate the process.

Are you in need of assistance with site selection, zoning questions or other real estate related issues?  With 20 exclusive years of cannabis real estate experience, we can certainly help negotiate the best deal using the best available comps and navigate the quickest path to getting your doors open for business in the legal cannabis industry. 

CannaLicense Marketing Services Offered:



Buyers and Sellers are connected to each other for a small fee so that they both know the other's intent to buy or sell is earnest.  

We charge sellers a monthly fee to advertise with us so that buyers know that the ads on our site are fresh and actively for sale.


Listing Package/Content Creation


For $599 plus expenses we will create a professional, custom presentation in PDF format highlighting your opportunity in as great of detail as possible.  You can then use this material to advertise your opportunity anywhere you like.  Including 

Full Marketing and Consulting Services


In exchange for Exclusivity and for a yet TBD success fee, (depending on the size and complexity of the project, minus a retainer of  $2500 plus expenses) we will market your opportunity to provide the best visibility possible:  

  • Listing Content Creation (Professional Photography, presentation, flier and website design, etc)
  • Featured listing on
  • Email Marketing Campaign- We will make your listing part of our Email marketing plan.  With 5 years in business, we have more industry contacts who want to see your opportunity!
  • Social Media blasts about your opportunity- We will make regular postings about your advertisement on our CannaLicenses Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Contact Management and Response -  We will manage the phone calls so you don't have to and only bring you buyers we have pre-qualified.
  • LOI Preparation - We will tee it up to the point where the attorneys need get involved.  We can't write contracts.
  • Deal Flow Followup - There always needs to be someone familiar with deal flow involved so things don't stall out, costing you more money in rent and legal fees.  As the seller, we understand what is at stake for you and your urgency to close.

Our Team

Tom Gordon - Managing Broker, Skyline Properties


 Over the course 12 years, Tom Gordon has been locating properties primarily in the Puget Sound area for medical marijuana retail stores. Tom was the first commercial broker in the Seattle area to focus exclusively on finding properties for this emerging market - this is years before legalization in Washington state.

Prior to the implementation of I-502, Tom has dealt with hundreds of prospective parties from Washington and around the country looking for a suitable property to open shop for medical marijuana and now retail marijuana. The majority of those same parties were unsuccessful in obtaining a 502 license and may be looking to purchase. These are contacts that we have met and spoken to in detail. Every day, we receive calls and emails for people wanting to sell or buy their licenses, from Producer Tier 3 to Retail Marijuana. Tom's multi-decade commercial real estate experience in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest and his thousands of contacts are leveraged to find your ideal retail marijuana real estate location.

It is from these contacts that we now have many parties that are requesting us to help them find an I-502 license to purchase. 

Ryan Steffens - Consultant/Broker, RSVP Real Estate


Ryan has been exclusively working in the industry since 2014; from grower to sales to business agent/consultant and runs the day to day back end of CannaLicenses.  

A former US Marine, Ryan had a 15 year career in industrial facilities engineering and management in high tech and critical-use buildings in the semiconductor manufacturing, Television/Data Center, Biotech and Hospital industries as an Instrumentation and Controls Operations Engineer and Facilities Manager.  Ryan has held the following professional licenses: Low-Voltage Electrical, Steam Engineering, Refrigeration Mechanics and Real Estate.

Ryan became devoted to cannabis cultivation in 1997 during the height of the "BC hydro era" and is a devoted student of Ed Rosenthal.  With 16 years of home grow experience, he made the switch to cannabis in May 2014 as Assistant Master Grower for Sea of Green Farms in Seattle, briefly.  Ryan has done some I502 product sales as well.  Ryan started Ryot Industries, LLC in 2018 as a consulting and distribution company.  

A licensed real estate broker since 2015, Ryan saw the opportunity to put all of his experience to bear when he met Tom in 2016 and made the switch to cannabis real estate and joined the cannalicenses team. 

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Reach Tom at (206) 786-4545 or Ryan at (206) 604-2091