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Terms of Service/User Agreement

Welcome to We provide a platform that allows cannabis professionals and people who support the cannabis business to connect, share information and conduct business together. Some of our users solicit CannaLicenses to raise awareness of fundraising efforts, highlight goods and services or find prospective employees or other services.  

Because the site offers the ability to discuss investment options in companies, significant regulatory considerations apply to the capital raising process. This agreement sets forth terms on which Entrepreneurs interact with investors through our platform. In addition, specific considerations and risks regarding the cannabis industry apply that you should discuss with you own legal council prior engaging with anyone on our platform.  

ENTREPRENEURS: If you are an Entrepreneur, you are invited to email information about your business opportunity or Real Estate listing, including information you consider confidential to  For a Listing fee, we will provide information you have designated as secure only to Investors following the appropriate fees/documentation have been received. We will also highlight your funding request and direct contact information to investors who have indicated that they would like more information about your opportunity by purchasing your information from us. We cannot, however, guarantee that Investors who receive your secure Information do not  distribute that information, even with NDA's.  We also cannot guarantee that there will never be a software bug or a hacker attack that allows unauthorized viewing of material or that Investors actually fit within the categories they have identified themselves under.  We also offer Real Estate and General Operations consulting for an additional undetermined fee.  Entrepreneurs should be aware that only the very basic and essential information they provide will be available for public view until the data is purchased.  Items that will directly identify the listing through other public means will be omitted in the public listing in our marketplace.  

INVESTORS: If you see a business opportunity, Real Estate or other listing that you would like to learn more about, you will be asked to complete a purchase in exchange for that information.  The owner of that information may require NDA's prior to disseminating the information to you.  All sales are final in regard to the purchase of electronic materials such as contact information, documents and spreadsheets.  CannaLicenses holds no Warranty as to the validity of the information provided by the Entrepreneur.  It is always solely the responsibility of the Investor the perform the appropriate Due Diligence on any investment prior to mutually agreeing to terms on any potential deal found on CannaLicenses . CANNABIS PROFESSIONALS/ANCILLARY SERVICE PROVIDERS: Individuals interested in joining our network and Posting their professional services for hire can do so for a recurring monthly fee.  Cannalicenses holds no warranty as to the validity of the information submitted by "Professionals" posted on the Site by us in terms of academic background, professional experience, past projects and other qualifications. Paid listings by Professionals will generally be publicly available for everyone to see. Certain portions of the Site will be visible to users who have not signed up as either Cannabis Professionals or Investors. Those users, nevertheless, are bound by this agreement.   

EQUIPMENT AND OTHER ITEMS:  Individuals interested in listing equipment or other items of personal property in nature will be charged a closing sales commission equal to 10%.  

If you upload documents to CannaLicenses, we have the ability to share those documents with investors and others (collectively, the “Investors”) upon receiving a fee for the information. However, investors are not bound by any non-disclosure agreement or confidentiality obligation and could share those documents with other people. CannaLicenses does not provide non-disclosure agreements or guarantee confidentiality from any Investors. Therefore, if you require confidentiality from investors, it is your sole responsibility to obtain signed non-disclosure agreements from the investors before you share those documents.  

By using CannaLicenses, including by simply viewing content on the Site, you are agreeing that you, and each person you allow to access CannaLicenses through your account, will abide by the terms of this Terms of Service (“Agreement”), which is set forth in its entirety below. ​ This Agreement is between you and CannaLicenses (“we,” or the “Company”), and it governs your access to and use of the services, websites, and applications offered by CannaLicenses (the “Services”). Your access to and use of the Services are conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with this Agreement. The Site is not directed to any person in any jurisdiction where (by reason of that person’s nationality, residence or otherwise) the publication or availability of the Site is prohibited. Persons in respect of whom such prohibitions apply must not access the Site. For more information, see Section XII.a (Availability of Services). [With respect to persons accessing the Site from the United Kingdom and the European Union, references herein to “CannaLicenses” or “Company” shall mean its affiliate, “Ryot Industries, LLC,” a company registered in Seattle, Washington.